Vans Sport Blue Red Grid Unisex ‘Blue Red’ VN0A4BU6WO2


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Product Description:
Introducing the Vans Sport Blue Red Grid Unisex ‘Blue Red’ VN0A4BU6WO2 sneaker, a stylish and versatile option for those who dare to make a fashion statement. With its classic design and unique color combination of blue and red, this shoe is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re hitting the skatepark or just going for a casual day out, these sneakers will provide both comfort and style.

1. Trendy Design: The Vans Sport Blue Red Grid sneaker boasts a modern and edgy design that is perfect for individuals who want to showcase their unique sense of style.
2. Versatile Color Combination: The combination of blue and red adds a bold and eye-catching touch to this shoe, making it stand out from the rest.
3. Unisex Fit: Designed for both men and women, these sneakers offer a comfortable and snug fit for everyone.
4. Durable Construction: Made with premium materials, these shoes are built to withstand regular wear and tear, ensuring they last for a long time.
5. Comfortable Cushioning: Featuring a cushioned insole and padded collar, these sneakers provide superior comfort and support, even during extended periods of wear.

– Brand: Vans
– Model: Sport Blue Red Grid VN0A4BU6WO2
– Color: Blue and red grid pattern
– Material: Canvas upper / Rubber sole
– Closure: Lace-up
– Shoe Type: Unisex
– Toe Shape: Round
– Fit: True to size

In conclusion, the Vans Sport Blue Red Grid Unisex ‘Blue Red’ VN0A4BU6WO2 is a must-have sneaker for individuals looking to add a touch of style to their everyday outfits. With its trendy design, versatile color combination, and comfortable fit, this shoe is perfect for any occasion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to rock these fashionable sneakers and showcase your unique personality.

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US M10.5 / W12 = UK9.5 = EU44, US M11 / W12 = UK10.5 = EU45.3, US M11 / W12.5 = UK10 = EU44.5, US M4 / W5.5 = UK3 = EU35, US M9 / W10.5 = UK8 = EU42, US M9.5 / W11 = UK8.5 = EU42.5

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