Vans OG Old Skool LX ‘Aztec – Black Purple’ VN0A4P3X92M


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Product Description:

The Vans OG Old Skool LX ‘Aztec – Black Purple’ VN0A4P3X92M is an exciting addition to the renowned Vans sneaker collection. Inspired by the vibrant Aztec culture, this shoe combines striking design elements with the classic silhouette of the Old Skool model. With its eye-catching colors and meticulous attention to detail, this sneaker is perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.


1. Unique Aztec Pattern: The shoe features a mesmerizing Aztec-inspired pattern in black and purple, adding a touch of mystique and cultural influence to your outfit.

2. Durable Construction: Crafted from premium materials, these sneakers are built to withstand everyday wear and tear. The sturdy canvas upper provides a comfortable fit while ensuring longevity.

3. Iconic Side Stripe: The classic Vans side stripe is featured prominently on both sides of the shoe, showcasing the brand’s signature style and heritage.

4. Cushioned for Comfort: The Vans OG Old Skool LX ‘Aztec – Black Purple’ VN0A4P3X92M incorporates a cushioned insole that offers amazing comfort, making it suitable for all-day wear.


– Model: Vans OG Old Skool LX ‘Aztec – Black Purple’ VN0A4P3X92M
– Color: Black, Purple
– Upper Material: Canvas
– Sole Material: Rubber
– Closure: Lace-Up
– Fit: True to Size
– Style: Low-top sneaker
– Brand: Vans
– SKU: VN0A4P3X92M

In conclusion, the Vans OG Old Skool LX ‘Aztec – Black Purple’ VN0A4P3X92M is a visually striking shoe that seamlessly blends cultural influence and contemporary fashion. Whether you’re a fan of Vans or simply looking to add a unique sneaker to your collection, this model is sure to turn heads and complement any outfit. Experience comfort, durability, and style with this remarkable pair of Vans sneakers.

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US M10.5 / W12 = UK9.5 = EU44, US M11 / W12.5 = UK10 = EU44.5, US M4 / W5.5 = UK3 = EU35, US M8.5 / W9.5 = UK8 = EU42, US M9.5 / W11 = UK8.5 = EU42.5

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